5 February 2016

The Biggest Myth About Green Cleaning Products

Here's a question we ask ourselves a lot at AspenClean: why don't more people use green cleaning products?

A decade ago, there was an easy answer: alternatives simply weren't available. Or they were expensive. Or they simply didn't work.

Now, of course, everything has changed. Green cleaning products are everywhere, and rarely cost significantly more than their toxic alternatives. (You can see how affordable our products are in the AspenClean shop).

But one lingering problem remains- and it's the biggest myth AspenClean has been working to overcome. The popular perception is that green cleaning products don't work.

The idea is that you need corrosive, toxic chemicals in order to deal with the messes and stains of everyday life. Paradoxically, people think that hazardous chemicals are a necessity in order to make your air "fresh."

Strange- to us, at least. But the myth persists- that all-natural cleaners are featherweights, and can't hold their own.

We are working to change that. We came up with a full, comprehensive line of cleaning products to tackle every spill and mess in your home- even the tough ones. And we put those products to the test everyday with our residential cleaning services.

AspenClean home-cleaning has always been a premium service- and our customers expect exceptional results.

But we trust our products. And so we only equip our teams with AspenClean all-natural cleaners. The results speak for themselves. AspenClean continues to get fantastic reviews in Vancouver, Calgary, and Toronto- definitive proof that green is all you need.

But a picture is worth a thousand words. That's why we were thrilled when an AspenClean customer named Carla sent us the following images of her experience cleaning old stained copper pots. For this job, Carla trusted AspenClean all-natural dish soap. Take a look:

A job well-done by Carla. And she did it without any exposure to harmful chemicals, and without causing damage to the environment.

That's the win-win-win of green cleaning products.

29 January 2016

The 10 Second Trick to a Cleaner Microwave

This is the second post in our AspenClean Expert series- interviews with AspenClean Team Leaders to discover their secrets to better, faster, easier cleaning. This post features Sabrina, an AspenCleaner with decades of experience in home cleaning.

A microwave is a major convenience- until your food explodes, and all of a sudden its interior is covered in gunk.

If you’re in a hurry, the temptation is to maybe do a quick wipe-down and then go  enjoy your food. Few of us have time to thoroughly clean out those errant food specks.

Unfortunately, as you use and reuse a dirty microwave, those food particles get baked in, over and over. After a few weeks, they’re stronger than concrete.

So how do you clean it?

Here’s Sabrina, a team leader for AspenClean, with an expert tip:

S: It’s really easy- just take a bowl of water, and spray in some lemon or lime juice. Doesn’t really matter how much. The more the better, but you don’t have to go crazy. Put that in the microwave and turn it on high for 2 minutes.

The steam created by the water will loosen the food particles. The lemon juice increases this effect, and also leaves you with a fresh scent.

Just do a quick wipe down, and you're done. 10 seconds of work, total. 

If you’re really tight for time, you can also just spray AspenClean Kitchen cleaner and close the door. Leave that for five minutes while you’re doing other things, come back, wipe it, and you’re done. That’s how we save time on the job- it’s really effective. 

26 January 2016

11 Dream Home Exteriors to Inspire Your #HomeGoals

Here at AspenClean, we spend a lot of time inside gorgeous, immaculately crafted homes. And while we've come to appreciate all sorts of houses (especially after they've been cleaned), we can't help drool over an especially beautiful dream home. This roundup are just a few of our favourite exteriors that we've seen while cruising the net.

Once you've scrolled through and picked your fav, let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

This western-inspired beauty manages to be both cozy and impressive. The interior ain't bad either. 

The windowed staircase is absolutely stunning in this Mediterranean-style house.

A massive home that still manages to feel quaint... the Rivendell Manor.

For those who prefer a less extravagant look, this Prairie Craftsman-style home is a stunner.

HGTV's 2013 Dream Home favours lots and lots of outdoor space.

Another craftsman home with extra attention to detail.

A different kind of design- ultra-modern but still beautiful.

If a swimming pool is on your "must-have" list, this modern home has you covered.

A chateau style house to make you feel like you're a French aristocrat.

Nestled in the mountains of Colorado, this imposing structure is a cabin on steroids. (And that's a good thing!)

From Brianna on Pinterest: "Dream home is an understatement....courtyard gourmet kitchen theater room gorgeous entry with a stunning staircase."

That's it for our round-up! Hop on our Twitter or Facebook and let us know which was your favourite, and don't get forget to share this with your friends, so they can get inspired too!

We'll also be posting photos on our Instagram as a lead-up to our next round-up... stay tuned!

22 January 2016

Expert Tips: Save Time and Money with Laundry

This is the first of our AspenClean Expert series- interviews with AspenClean Team Leaders to discover their secrets to better, faster, easier cleaning. This post features Sabrina, an AspenCleaner with decades of experience in home cleaning, and her tips to save time and money with laundry. 

Basically, if you have a front-loading washing machine, use an HE (high-efficiency) powder. Top-loader, it doesn't matter- though people still put too much liquid in there. But with the front-loader, the machine has a balancing system where however much laundry you put in there, it only puts as much water as needed.The idea is that it is efficient- energy-efficient- so it only puts so much water in. The problem is if you put too much detergent in, it's not going to rinse.

Q: Use the powder, and don't use too much. 

Yeah, and it's very important not to use the loading drawer- the drawer where you're supposed to put the detergent in. If you put liquid detergent in there, it never really rinses- it just clogs, and gels. It's not getting into your clothes, and it's not getting through the pipes. So things start to back up, and it's running down the front of the machine.

So, instead, use the high-efficiency power, use the correct amount (usually a quarter-cup), and put it right into the drum. Just throw it in, and then throw in your clothes. You don't have to worry about putting it in between, or anything like that. Just throw it in. This ensures that it rinses cleanly, and doesn't clog up the pipes.

Q: And that will save you time and money.

Exactly. And with the dryer, most people know to clean out the lint after each load. But if you rinse it under hot water, and let it dry, your clothes will dry faster. Most people use synthetics, like softeners, Bounce sheets. You ever touch a Bounce Sheet? All that plastic film goes into the screen, and it clogs it. So the condensation doesn't go through, and the dryer has to work harder, and the load takes longer. But if you pull that out, run it under very hot water from the tap, let it dry- your dryer is going to much more efficient. It's also less of a fire hazard.

Q: So you're washing out the synthetic materials?

Yes, the stuff that clogs it, that you can't necessarily see. If the filter is clogged, then the condensation can't exit through the pipe, and your clothes are just going around and around, staying damp. But if you open it, then that condensation can get through. It's like steaming potatoes. If you open the lid, all that steam comes bursting out. But if you leave the lid on, it's going to boil over. A clean filter leads to faster drying times.

Q: And where did you pick up this tip?

There are certain things you just learn from experience. My kids call me all the time, saying "Mom I have to do this and this, what do you think?" And I tell them. I know it, from the years of experience. You learn what works and what doesn't.

Want an AspenClean expert in your home? Sign up for a regular cleaning schedule and receive a reduced rate. Get a quote below. 

20 January 2016

AspenClean Partners with Healing the Body

Here at AspenClean, we believe in natural living. The closer we can get to our roots- eating natural foods, breathing clean air- the better off we`ll be.

Fortunately, when it comes to these beliefs, we`re in good company. The movement towards natural, healthful living is picking up steam. One man at the forefront of that movement is Derek Henry, and his site healingthebody.ca.

Derek is a holistic health coach who focuses on limiting the damage caused by modern life, while emphasizing simple principles to maintain your body`s health and fitness. Aside from his personal site, he also writes for Organic Lifestyle Magazine, NaturalNews, and the Epoch Times, and is the creator of the popular THRIVE health program.

Derek is a well-respected voice in the natural health world, and that`s why AspenClean is so excited to announce our new partnership with Derek and Healing the Body. We sent Derek a few of our products to try out, and he loved them- especially their all-natural, eco-friendly ingredients. In fact, Derek was such a fan that he now recommends AspenClean as the only cleaning solution for students of his THRIVE health program.

THRIVE is all about achieving a personal health transformation though simple, effective methods. A key part of that is eliminating toxins in your food and in the air you breathe. You can read more about THRIVE here, but needless to say, it fits right into the philosophy of healthy, all-natural cleaning, and how we can protect our homes and families from toxic chemicals.

We`re very excited to be working with Derek, and looking forward to helping each other spread the word on natural health, and healthy cleaning. To view his site, click here, or learn more about THRIVE here.

18 January 2016

De-Cluttering Your Life: How To Take Back Your Time

Your time is valuable.

You know that, of course. But your time is also in-demand, with new requests, crises, and problems arising every day.

Before you know it, there’s not a single spare minute left
It’s enough to drive you crazy. How can we fix it? How can we take back our time, and spend it doing the things that are valuable to us- spending time with others, relaxing, enjoying our beautiful city, and just being happy?

It starts with getting rid of the junk- the physical, emotional, and mental clutter that dominates our lives.

Taking Out the Trash        

The first step to any cleaning project is to get rid of the unnecessary stuff- the clothes on the floor, the keys on the counter, the stack of newspapers you meant to read but never got around to.

All this stuff has our place, but we let it fill up the room, we have a mess on our hands
It’s the same with our time- if we let the stuff that shouldn’t be there, the stuff that doesn’t need to be there, fill up our time, we won’t have any left for ourselves.

Here’s three easy tips to take back control of your day:

Just Say No

Anytime you get a request to do something, or feel some pressing need to get something done, first ask yourself- `Will this actually add value to my life, or the lives of those I care about?”

If the answer is no, think long and hard about whether it’s worth giving up your precious time for.

Sounds simple, but it can be very difficult- it means saying no to people asking for your help and resources. Saying no can seem selfish, but it's about balance- you can't please everyone, nor can you let people take advantage of you. By focusing on those you care about, you can make a bigger difference, and be happier for it.

Forget FOMO

FOMO (fear of missing out) is pervasive in our modern world. Its effects are increased by social media- we see people’s highlight-reel-lives on Instagram or Facebook, and wonder why ours doesn’t measure up.

To keep up with the Jones on Facebook, we get pulled towards activities and obligations that might not fit with what actually makes us happy. We also feel pressure to always be on the move, even when we'd be more content slowing down.

To escape FOMO, recognize that people’s online lives are not a realistic representation of their whole lives- people don’t post the bad stuff. What’s more, they are not you- what makes them tick might be unfulfilling for you, no matter how glamorous it looks with a filter and a hashtag.

Outsource the Details

The biggest time-sinks are often the little things that don’t seem like much- the commute to work, making dinner, cleaning the bathroom- simply because they add up.

Some of these you can convert to quality time, such as making dinner as a family instead, but others are just part of the daily grind.

Thankfully, more and more companies are stepping up to help you. Online shopping, grocery deliveries, productivity apps- it’s never been easier to outsource the nitty-gritty, leaving you to focus on the important things.

And, of course, we here at AspenClean view it as our mission to deliver a clean, natural home for your family, without you spending an hour scrubbing the bathtub.

Who would rather be cleaning? Thought so. 

As you try to turn your life towards the important things- friends, family, laughter- the single most important step you can take is to get rid of the clutter. Strip away the stuff you don’t want on your life, simplify your day, and focus on the positives. 

Let us take a load off your mind- get a free quote below for an in-home cleaning service. We handle all the details and all the work, so you can do what's important.

15 January 2016

4 Common Dog Health Issues (and What to Do About Them)

Here at AspenClean, we're big believers in natural pet health- keeping our best friends healthy and happy, without relying on costly medications. Here are four actions you can take today to improve your dog's life and lifespan.

1. Brush Those Teeth!

Peridontal disease, AKA gum disease, is a serious problem for dogs. The American Humane Society estimates that 85% of dogs over five years old suffer because of it. It leads to separation of the gums and teeth, which- aside from being painful to the dog- leads to further infection as bacteria fills the space.

Gum disease ultimately also increases the dog's chance of developing heart, kidney, and liver disease.

The good news is that gum disease is easy to prevent. While a yearly dental clean at an animal clinic is recommended, a weekly or daily brushing routine will go a long way. Buy a specialized canine toothbrush, or just use an old one you have around the house. Make sure you use dog-friendly toothpaste, as high-fluoride human toothpaste is actually poisonous for them.

Don't think your dog will like your new daily ritual? Start small- brush as much as she'll let you, and reward her with treats. Gradually, increase the brushing time. This crucial piece of dog health information may not seem like much, but will go a long way.

2. Keep Them Lean!

We know- it's hard not to spoil them, especially with those adorable little eyes. But if you notice your dog is getting a little pudgy, it may be time to put them on a diet.

In 20165 the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention found that 58% of dogs in the US were overweight- and 95% of owners thought their dogs were a "normal weight." Obesity in pets comes with a whole host of problems- heart disease, high blood pressure, and even cancer.

The quickest and easiest way to get your dog's weight under control is to cut out human food. A piece of cheese may not seem like much, but in terms of calories, it's the equivalent of a human eating 3 chocolate bars.

3. Find Their Friends!

Loneliness may not strike many people as a major pet health issue- but it can lead to depression, anxiety, and more. Severe depression often brings a loss of appetite.

While the usual combination of walks, treats, and love will go a long way in helping relieve loneliness, often dogs simply crave socialization with other dogs. The best time to start is as puppy, to get them used to being around other dogs, and then regularly take them to dog-friendly parks to interact. Even just scheduling walks with other dog owners can make all the difference.

4. Cut the Toxins!

There are many toxic chemicals that lurk in your home. While these are obviously dangerous for humans, pets are actually more vulnerable to such toxins. Airborne particles settle in their fur, and are consumed when the pets lick themselves clean. To make matters worse, dogs also often have a nasty habit of licking the carpet or floor.

Since dogs are smaller, it doesn't take much to do serious damage. Chemicals that have been known to cause cancer in animals are still a common ingredients in household cleaners.

Thankfully, it's easy to find healthy alternatives to such cleaners. While you can't always trust a label, you can't go wrong with all-natural products with organic ingredients. For a full home cleaning solution that's healthy for you and your family, visit the AspenClean shop.

We love our pets, and know how much you love yours. We're committed to doing our part for pet health, by avoiding the use of chemical cleaners with our award-winning cleaning service, and promoting our own natural cleaners. Our mission: safe, healthy homes for you, your family, and your pets.
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